Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing 8th Edition
Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing 8th Edition Test Bank

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing 8th Edition Test Bank


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  • ISBN-13: 978-1975116378
  • ISBN-10: 1975116372
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  • Authors: Sheila L. Videbeck
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The test banks for – Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing 8th Edition – ISBN-13: 978-1975116378 ISBN-10: 1975116372- Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, 8th Edition Sheila L. Videbeck, PhD, RN

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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing 8th Edition Test Bank:

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing clarifies challenging concepts and helps you build a foundation for working successfully with clients experiencing mental health challenges regardless of care setting. The text explores the full spectrum of psychiatric nursing, helping you master specific nursing interventions, hone your therapeutic communication skills and learn to apply content effectively within the framework of the nursing process. 

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  • New! Unfolding Patient Stories written by the National League for Nursing put the nursing process in a realistic context to prepare you for successful client interactions and interventions.
  • Clinical Vignettes familiarize you with the features of major disorders you are likely to encounter in practice. 
  • Therapeutic Dialogues help you perfect your communication skills with specific examples of nurse-client interactions.
  • Best Practice boxes provide the latest evidence-based findings in psychiatric nursing.
  • Self-Awareness features foster your personal and professional development through self-reflection.
  • Concept Mastery Alerts clarify important concepts essential to your classroom and clinical success.
  • Watch and Learn icons point you to corresponding true-to-life Lippincott® Theory to Practice Video Series videos for a richer understanding of important mental health disorders.
  • Built-In Study Guide reinforces your understanding with multiple-choice questions, multiple-response questions and clinical examples at the end of each chapter.
  • Nursing Care Plans demonstrate effective approaches for addressing specific client disorders.
  • Drug Alerts highlight essential concerns related to psychotropic drugs.
  • Warning boxes alert you to FDA considerations for specific medications.
  • Cultural Considerations help you ensure culturally sensitive care for a wide range of client populations.
  • Elder Considerations sections prepare you to care for the growing population of older adults.
  • Client/Family Education boxes boost your teaching capabilities.
  • Nursing Interventions etail key treatment strategies for specific disorders.
  • DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria boxes summarize the medical diagnostic features of specific disorders.

Table of Contents

UNIT 1 Current Theories and Practice 
Chapter 1. Foundations of Psychiatric–Mental Health Nursing 
Chapter 2. Neurobiologic Theories and Psychopharmacology 
Chapter 3. Psychosocial Theories and Therapy 
Chapter 4. Treatment Settings and Therapeutic Programs 
UNIT 2 Building the Nurse–Client Relationship 
Chapter 5. Therapeutic Relationships 
Chapter 6. Therapeutic Communication 
Chapter 7. Client’s Response to Illness 
Chapter 8. Assessment 
UNIT 3 Current Social and Emotional Concerns 
Chapter 9. Legal and Ethical Issues 
Chapter 10. Grief and Loss 
Chapter 11. Anger, Hostility, and Aggression 
Chapter 12. Abuse and Violence 
UNIT 4 Nursing Practice for Psychiatric Disorders 
Chapter 13. Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders 
Chapter 14. Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders 
Chapter 15. Obsessive–Compulsive and Related Disorders 
Chapter 16. Schizophrenia 
Chapter 17. Mood Disorders and Suicide 
Chapter 18. Personality Disorders 
Chapter 19. Addiction 
Chapter 20. Eating Disorders 
Chapter 21. Somatic Symptom Illnesses 
Chapter 22. Neurodevelopmental Disorders 
Chapter 23 Disruptive Behavior Disorders 
Chapter 24 Cognitive Disorders

Sample - Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing - Foundations of Psychiatric–Mental Health Nursing:

Chapter 1

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