The Real World Seventh Edition
The Real World Seventh Edition

The Real World Seventh Edition


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  • ISBN-10: 0393419339
  • ISBN-13: ‎978-0393419337
  • Version: Ebook
  • Format: PDF
  • Status: In Stock
  • Authors: Kerry Ferris, Jill Stein
  • Publisher: ‎W. W. Norton & Company; Seventh edition

The Ebook – The Real World Seventh Edition by Kerry Ferris and  Jill Stein. The most relevant textbook for today’s students Students love The Real World because it was written for them.

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This eBook was composed by Kerry Ferris, Jill Stein. Publicized by W. W. Norton & Company. The most relevant textbook for today’s students Students love The Real World because it was written for them. In every chapter, Ferris and Stein use examples from everyday life and pop culture to get students thinking sociologically and to show the relevance of sociology to their relationships, jobs, and the future of society. Innovative Data Workshops in every chapter and online give students a chance to apply theoretical concepts to their own lives and actually do sociology. With low-cost formats and a robust support package, The Real World sets both students and instructors up for success. 2020 version is ready to be downloaded. Enjoy your book. 

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About the Author

Kerry Ferris is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Northern Illinois University, where she teaches sociology 101, qualitative methods, media and popular culture, and food sociology. She investigates celebrity as a social power system using ethnographic methods and a symbolic interactionist perspective. Analyses of fan-celebrity relationships, celebrity sightings, celebrity stalking, red-carpet celebrity interviews, the work lives of professional celebrity impersonators, and the experiences of local celebrities have all been part of her previous research. Her current endeavor focuses on the admirers of deceased celebrities. Symbolic Interaction, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, The Journal of Popular Culture, and Text & Performance Quarterly have all published her work. Stargazing: Celebrity, Fame, and Social Interaction is her coauthorship with Scott R. Harris.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Sociology and the Real World
Chapter 2: Studying Social Life: Sociological Research Methods
Chapter 3: Culture
Chapter 4: Socialization, Interaction, and the Self 
Chapter 5:  Separate and Together: Life in Groups 
Chapter 6: Deviance
Chapter 7: Understanding Inequality 
Chapter 8: Race and Ethnicity as Lived Experience 


Chapter 9: Constructing Gender and Sexuality
Chapter 10: Social Institutions: Politics, Education, and Religion
Chapter 11: The Economy and Work
Chapter 12: Life at Home: Families and Relationships
Chapter 13: Leisure and Media
Chapter 14: Health and Illness
Chapter 15: Populations, Cities, and the Environment
Chapter 16: Social Change

Sample - Sociology and the Real World

Chapter 1

6 reviews for The Real World Seventh Edition

  1. Zeroa

    Perfect eBook! Was able to downlead it and access it via PDF. Thanks.

  2. Charlotte

    This eBook is simply amazing source that teaches fundamentals of sociology as it is my major. I recommend the eBook version. Great material with great details!!

  3. Randhi

    One of the most affordable material on the internet. I recommend it for others!

  4. Angelo

    The book itself need a lot of work. So much bias but cannot complain about

  5. Erin

    Recommend this website for this eBook

  6. Subura

    Recommend it!

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